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Personal Impact & Presence

Our Presentation Impact and Presence Course will help you make the most of your authentic personal presentation and help you feel more empowered.

At the heart of our Presentation Impact and Presence coaching is helping you identify how you want to come across to others. What do you want them think about you? How do you want them to feel about you? We then work with you to ensure you have the strategies and new behaviours to achieve this.

This is highly personalised coaching, even within a small group context, and can have powerful results. Clients have applied these personal development skills to a variety of work and life situations. They can initiate a step change in careers and help you feel empowered.

Our Presentation Impact and Presence course can include:

  • Identifying how you would like to come across to others
  • Harnessing your natural characteristics to increase your personal presence
  • Developing your voice impact and speaking style to engage your listeners
  • Considering how you use yourself – body language, postures, physical movement 
  • How to raise your credibility in your business role through personal presence
  • Enhancing gravitas, authority and influence whilst retaining your authentic self
  • Learning strategies for tackling any issues of personal confidence
  • Exploring behaviours to build rapport and engage others.

You can download a PDF for more details of course content here
Presentation Impact & Presence PDF

Kate Lee has extensive experience developing people’s personal impact, particularly working with senior managers and leaders. She will design with you a tailor-made programme to help you get the results you want. This may be one session or an agreed series of sessions. We deliver group training, workshops and one-to-one coaching.

Our niche expertise works well built into in-house or externally provided management and leadership programmes.


What our clients say…


“Kate has received universal acclaim from our corporate clients whose time with her has resulted in improvements which range from a significant polish to a total transformation. Even managerial promotions have been credited to the fact that Kate helped them make their presentation memorable and meaningful.”

Clive Hook, Clearworth, Director EDF Energy Leadership Programme


‘I spent a day working with Kate – I learnt more in that day than in a year trying to develop myself. I will be definitely booking further sessions’

Clarke Carlisle, Chairman, Professional Footballers Association (PFA) 2011


“Kate has worked with a large number of my clients, from president and vice president to project manager and senior engineer over the last five years. She has a unique ability to establish trust and rapport with all types of people, enabling them to identify how they come across, and more importantly, how they can change the impact they have.”

Chris Taylor Consultancy, Bombardier Leadership Programme


“Tuesday has changed the whole way I’m now looking at things, including a meeting I had yesterday – and had great results.”

Finance Director, Manufacturing Industry


“Using my more projected voice I feel so much more empowered in meetings.”

Chief Executive, Regional Tourist Board


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