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Business Presentation Skills

Our Business Presentation Skills will give you the confidence and expertise to plan, prepare and perform brilliant presentations that impact on your audience’s memory.

We love delivering our presentation courses and seeing our participants excel as presenters. By learning just a few performance techniques and understanding what the audience needs, everyone’s presentation can transform.


“A cracking course! An enjoyable two days of energy, fun and working with someone so experienced. I left feeling positive and confident towards my new skills.”

British Midland Int. Marketing Manager


All presentations – from weekly briefings to the board level pitch, from financial updates to the conference spot – are a performance to an audience, not in a theatrical way, but in a way that should influence their thoughts and feelings and leave them with a very clear message.


The core content of our Business Presentation Skills can include: 

You and Your Performance 

  • Develop your distinctive delivery and individual speaking style
  • Practising stage craft: presence, body language, movement and platform skills
  • Using your voice with variety and impact: projection, authority, pitch, pace and pausing
  • Presenting seated in meetings: voice energy, postures for impact, keeping focus
  • Professional performer techniques: breathing, managing nerves and anxiety, confidence techniques


You and Your Content

  • Structuring techniques, hooks and devices guaranteed to engage your audience
  • The power of story telling
  • Creative ideas for memorable, compelling messages
  • Using multi-media/visual aids/Power Point/audio to enhance your speech
  • Preparation techniques, memory aids, advice for using humour, rehearsal tips 
  • Script advice for formal occasions / looking at famous speeches

You and Your Audience

  • Understanding audience psychology: how to keep their attention and manage their thoughts and feelings
  • Managing different sized audiences, different environments, different outcomes
  • Strategies for building audience rapport
  • Confidently handling questions and managing tricky people

Below are examples of our Business Presentation Courses

We all know that a good standard of Presentation Skills is essential for business success, but we believe that most people have no idea how good they can be – and how much more effectively they could present their ideas. We will help you surprise yourself!

High Impact Presenting

For clients who need to give presentations at the highest expectation level. Delegates will be expected to want to perform at the standards of a professional presenter.

Brilliant Presentation Skills

For clients who have a good level of experience and basic skills in place. The results will be a presenter with more impact and a creative, memorable presentation approach.

Presenting with Impact

For clients who have some presenting experience and who want to raise their game. We will focus on the presenter and their performance to raise their impact, presence and effectiveness.

The Confident Presenter

For those who struggle to feel comfortable making any sort of presentation – or are new to the task. Through skilled, personalised coaching we guarantee to give participants practical skills to achieve a more confident and enjoyable presentation style.

Presenting in Meetings

For everyone for whom meetings are an important part of their business day. It is so easy for us to forget that we are presenting ourselves even when seated in a meeting. These are the very times we need to be able to speak and present our ideas with impact and influence. We will help you consider how to ensure that you come across how you want to come across.

About Us

Kate Lee is an expert presentation coach. She has honed her business coaching skills over fifteen years, with clients from FTSE 100 companies to SMEs, from engineers to professional services, working at levels ranging from multinational CEO to the new talent in small businesses.

Our niche expertise works well as part of in-house or externally provided management and leadership programmes. We deliver one-to-one coaching, group training and workshops.

All our training is tailor-made to serve your business and personal objectives. We grade our coaching and course content appropriately so that everyone works at their right level.


What our clients say…


“We regularly have to give presentations on highly complex and technical business issues. Kate devised an excellent training programme to enhance the skills of our presenters so that they can impart information in a lively and entertaining manner to gain the best level of audience attention.”

Director, BDO Stoy Hayward


“Kate brings a wealth of experience from the world of media and performance. Her style is non-threatening and positive, and the sessions leave clients buzzing.”

Chris Taylor, Taylor Knight Associates


“A cracking course! An enjoyable two days of energy, fun and working with someone so experienced. I left feeling positive and confident towards my new skills.”

British Midland Int. Marketing Manager


“I have to commend Kate Lee’s presentation workshop on interviewing and personal presentation skills as awe inspiring. It lifted the whole atmosphere… and she took my knowledge of presenting to a whole new level.”

Director, Institute of Careers Guidance


“Working with Kate enabled me to improve my communication technique. Practising with a professional communicator makes a significant difference and her insight, tips and techniques really work, allowing me to deliver material confidently while retaining my own style.”

Duncan Rhodes, Director, Bombardier


“Whilst at Talis, Kate provided professional coaching to myself and over 20 colleagues. Kate delivered an exceptional service to us as a business but more importantly, she delivered tailored coaching programmes for each of us as individuals. The impact was phenomenal: from top class presentation styles to persuasive communication skills."

Head of Marketing, Ceri McCall, Talis


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to find out more about how we might help you. 

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